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Haji Hassan Group B.S.C

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Haji Hassan Group is headquartered in Kingdom of Bahrain with a joint – ventured partnership across the region. The Group has been in existence since 1952 and has grown with fifteen divisions engaged in the manufacture of various construction materials for the Kingdom’s infrastructure projects.Our business segment includes road infrastructures, bridges and fly – overs projects, airport runways, taxiways, drainage system, manufactures of building materials, precast concrete inclusive of hollow core slabs, cladding panels, columns, beams, boundary walls and staircases, ready-mix concrete, steel reinforcement, cut and bend rubber, masonry concrete blocks, construction chemicals and many more.

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Municipal One Stop Shop

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The municipal one stop shop was opened in September 2004, to be the first full-stop station in which the investor will receive information that would enable him to start or develop his project, obtain building permits and obtain approval from all parties involved within a short period of time.

The senior management of the Ministry of Works, Municipalaty Affairs and Urban Planning focused in its beginning on the success of the municipal one stop shop project and overcoming obstacles.

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Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism

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Since becoming an independent State in 1971, Bahrain has witnessed spectacular economic growth and has transformed from an essentially agricultural base, where the main products were pearls and dates, to a modern industrial, business and service center and is today acknowledged as being the banking hub of the region. Over the past years the Government has been the engine of the economy, using oil revenues diligently in order to provide a modern physical and legal infrastructure without having to resort to traditional forms of taxation. The result is a vibrant economy, a population which is well educated and adaptable, and a private sector ready to reach out to the global market. The Government is now progressively moving way from its involvement in productive processes, to that of facilitator of private sector initiatives.

The Ministry of Industry & Commerce is responsible for a diverse range of activities which make up the commercial environment in Bahrain, including inter alia the registration of all forms of commercial business, commercial agencies, industrial property, standards and metrology, foreign trade as well as a number of other related activities. In general the Ministry’s aim is to ensure the maintenance of an open, transparent and market driven commercial environment so as develop Bahrain’s economic competitiveness, and to encourage inward investment, at the same time promoting employment for the local population.


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