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Schnell Putz WLL

Schnell Putz is a leading brand name for premium quality dry mix products. We offer premium quality products, advanced know-how, timely technical assistance and unlimited customer service. Schnell Putz is able to meet the most challenging product requirements to provide effective solutions to the construction market and building industry. We achieve customer satisfaction through quality management, high technical expertise and quality service on a wide range of dry mix products. Schnell Putz offers a wide range of machines for the application of the products providing customers saving time & workforce. Schnell Putz product range includes Cement Plaster/Renders, Bonding Coats, Masonry Mortars, Tile Adhesives, Gypsum Plasters, Floor Screeds, Repair Mortars, Non-shrink Grouts, Insulation Mortars and Special Plasters.


Hilal Conferences & Exhibitions
PO Box 1100
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
+973 17 299 123


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