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Plastbau Arabia Co.Ltd


  Street#39,Crossing#106,2nd Industrial City,Dammam,KSA


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Plastbau eDeck and Plastbau eWall are trade mark names that have come to signify Insulated Concrete Formwork(ICF)
shuttering systems molded from Expanded Polystyrene(EPS) according to patented Plastbau Technology.

Plastbau Arabia Company Limited(PAL for short) manufactures the Plastbau eDeck and Platbau eWall as pre-engineered products for insulated cast in-situ concrete floor and structural wall.

Both Plastbau eDeck and Plastbau eWall are innovative building systems that each embodies the modularity of
pre-cast systems with the structural integrity of cast in-situ construction

Individually or together the Platbau eDeck and Plastbau eWall products provide a better way to build in terms of efficiency ,safety,quality and energy values that are seen today as a whole mark of advanced building system throughout the world

PAL has an established Production Plant at 2nd Industrial City in Dammam for complete manufacturing fabrication and supply of Plastbau eDeck and eWall systems according to Client’s specified design requirements

Our Products are :
1.E Deck
2.E Wall
3.EPS Slabs with different dimensions and densities
4.EPS Silver Materials


Hilal Conferences & Exhibitions
PO Box 1100
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
+973 17 299 123


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