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Matterport is a world leader in immersive 3D technology. The Matterport camera allows users to easily capture, create, and display 3D models of real-world spaces in the cloud. These models are delivered in a navigable, photo-realistic format that uses patented computer-vision and artificial-intelligence technologies.

Matterport Pro2 Camera leverages the full power of the Matterport Cloud platform. With a single scan, you get a 3D model and an entire suite of marketing assets.

Matterport cloud is a platform for storing agents active virtual tours and allows them to take advantage of these additional features:


  • 3D Virtual Tour: Walkthrough a property as if you are actually there
  • High Definition Photos: 4k print-quality photos from every angle

Floor Plans: Schematic floor plans of the properties that can be downloaded

  • Videos: Create video reels to post on social media

Embedded Annotations and Media: Add comments and links to specific items in your space via digital tagging

  • Measurements: Create measurements within your space to help manage virtual staging●

Bundled Digital Assets: Which you can download, edit and import into 3rd party programs


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+973 17 299 123


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