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Electricity And Water Authority


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Electricity And Water conservation Directorate Goals:
• Implementation of quality programs in the field of electricity conservation such as thermal insulation, energy auditing, safety and efficiency standards, using renewable energy, CFL program, load management etc. and participation in conservation campaigns for public awareness.
• Implementation of quality programs in the field of water conservation, such as Water by-laws, monitoring of high water consumption, using of alternative water resources and changing of wrong behavior of using water.
• To create public awareness for electricity & water conservation by arranging conservation campaigns through exhibitions, lectures, indoor and outdoor advertisement, radio & TV programs etc.

Our Programs & Plans
1. Prepare and implement plans and programs and conduct research studies in the electricity and water conservation field
2-Prepare rules, regulation and legislation for conservation of electricity and water. Investigate and identify wastage of electricity and water and take steps to prevent and minimize them
3- Study water usage, wastage & investigate high water complaints.
4- Conduct surveys for upgradation of existing connections.
5- Conduct leak detection & surveys in all high consumers’ premises.
6- Study different saving & water treatment devices and methods.
7- Give advice on Electricity & Water saving devices, good quality plumbing materials and efficient use of electricity & water appliances.
8-Propagate the use of treated effluent and recycled water in flushing, gardening, industries, etc…
9) Study and implement programs aiming at promoting energy efficient equipment and conduct energy audit of high electricity consumption customers.
10) Implement thermal insulation legislation in buildings.
11) Conduct lectures and educational seminars, exhibitions and workshops. Participate in activities and exhibitions of government private establishments and distribute conservation leaflets, posters, stickers, promotional items in government, Offices, hotels, schools, clubs, etc.
12) Prepare different conservation publications and supply newspapers with articles about conservation. Conduct TV programs to educate audience about electricity and water conservation
13) Establish conservation committees in various government and private sector work places.
14) Use the media to educate the public about conservation and conduct conservation information and awareness campaigns.

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Hilal Conferences & Exhibitions
PO Box 1100
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
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