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Exhibitor List 2018

AMNA Insulations & Chemicals B.S.C (c)

As one of the sponsors of Gulf Construction Exhibition, AMNA Insulations & Chemicals would like to extend our warm welcome to all exhibitors & participants.
We strongly believe in innovation and are constantly on the look out to bring new innovative smart green solution to the construction industry.

As the Green Technology Sector sponsor, we will be leading on an issue that is growing in importance in the GCC concerning the impact of materials used in the construction sector on the environment. This impact is not on what is installed today but the long-term degradation of building materials and their effect on our environment and the final cost of the building. We are delighted to note that Gulf Construction Expo provides the right platform for bringing these issues into the forefront which has intergenerational impact on the residents in the GCC.

We have identified & developed products & solutions that will help in the smooth transition to smart green buildings. These solutions are:

1. Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Building Technology
2. MARMOX Multiboard: No. 1 lightest construction & insulation board in the world.
3. MARMOX External Thermal Insulation System
4. POLITERM Light Concrete: World’s lightest thermal insulating concrete.
5. PLEKO Systems: External Insulation & Finish System.

Our vision is to improve the lifestyle of our customers by providing innovative, smart & energy saving solutions. Our mission is to provide environment friendly, green, energy saving, cost effective, efficient & innovative solutions to the construction industry. To find out more about the solutions we offer, please visit our stand.


Hilal Conferences & Exhibitions
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Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
+973 17 299 123


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